Terms of Use

Order Cancellation

Once the order is placed, it can only be cancelled within 24 hours. In case the writer has started working on the order, the order would not be cancelled and the client will have to carry on with the order. A refund shall not be granted if the order cancellation requests are in place after 24 hours.

Revision Policy

The core purpose of CV Writing Service is to set the benchmark highest when it comes to returning the value against the money. And to make sure clients are fully satisfied with the service, we offer unlimited cycles of free revisions. Howbeit, any one or more than one circumstance needs to be fulfilled in order to acquire free revision.

  • 1. If all information was provided by you, and the writer failed to comply with your instructions. The free revision shall not be applicable if you didn't share the requirement at first and now wishes to add something new.
  • 2. Free revisions can be requested within 3 days of delivery. However, it can be 5 days in a few cases like you have brought more than one service from us at the same time.
  • 3. Free revisions are applicable if the quality of the CV or any other document isn’t up to par. The revisions cannot be claimed if the issue is unclear like “I don’t like”.
  • 4. CV Writing Service guarantees quality, not the interviews or jobs. In case you fail to secure a job, we shall not be liable for that.
  • 5. During the revision cycle, the presence of the customer is highly obligatory. The absence of customers can cause the process to stop, and they won't be able to claim free revisions in future.
  • 6. To seek free revisions, the client needs to properly communicate what went wrong. They need to communicate themselves, and involving any third party (like a friend, relative, or lawyer) can cause the process to stop.
  • 7. While each cycle is in process, the client needs to practise patience until the cycle is over. New requirements can not be added while one cycle is functional.
Refund Policy

CV Writing Service aims to be the best agency in the town and has forged policies that favour the client fully. The company do consider refunds in the following situations:

  • 1. In case the deadline is missed by CV Writing Service, the company owes you a full refund. Such situations never happen because we take care of our deadlines. But to protect the rights of the clients, the policy has been initiated. A refund shall not be made if the response was delayed from the client’s end, and the deadline was missed.
  • 2. We make refunds in the case the order is cancelled. However, refunds shall only be made when the order is cancelled within 24 hours.
  • 3. Due to technical issues, if the client has been charged more than once, a refund claim can be made. They need to share evidence with the customer support team and a refund will be granted.
  • 4. Refunds are not applicable in case one fails to succeed in an interview, or secure a job. As said above, CV Writing Service promises quality, not the interviews or job. This is because securing an interview or a job depends upon several other factors too.
  • 5. The company tends to resolve all the issues and concerns that are raised by the clients. In case there’s a problem with the document, we are all ears to get it resolved. If there’s an issue with the quality, the refund shall not be made, the concern will surely be resolved.
Privacy Policy

CV Writing Service acknowledges the risk associated with hiring an online service. But this company assures you that you are in safe and secure hands. Following privacy policies are practiced to keep this space a safe one for the buyers.

  • 1. The contact information will be kept secure and no one will have the access to it.
  • 2. Clients are provided with an order ID to keep their identity hidden.
  • 3. The payment gateways are highly encrypted using modernised methods.

CV Writing Service holds the right to cancel any of the policies without any further notice The policies are meant to help buyers to enjoy full value against their money. In case of any confusion, and queries you can get in touch with the support team.